Chris Kimmelshue

Director of User Experience. I am an analog lover in the digital world. Designerd. Vinyl, film, Hi-Fi, and automobile enthusiast. Intrepid island explorer.

About Me

Hello. My name is Chris Kimmelshue. I am the Director of User Experience. I hail from Portland, Maine.

I am passionate about creating digital and analog experiences that positively change you. I have more than eighteen years of experience in information technology, and my focus is on web-based and mobile applications. I also specialize in e-commerce, content management, enterprise applications, and social media. My mission is to fabricate creative solutions to challenging problems.

I love all things motorsport, high-fidelity, vinyl collecting, and film.

“To be a good designer you must be a good engineer in every sense: curious, inquisitive.” — Charles Eames, 1949

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